Entrepreneurship Camp Is Going To Start

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Entrepreneurship is a big source with regard to creating new deployment chances, provinces for regional and national economies. In addition to many definitions related to entrepreneurials, the people whom making initiative decisions to meet some requirements can be called entrepreneurials too. Entrepreneurship is an important propulsive force for developing innovations beyond starting a new company. Entrepreneurials have important roles on economies that innovative development, deployment and expansion.


It brings some difficulties to deploy and grow an interference. Entrepreneurials may face problems during financing, marketing, executing issues. Therefore they need public and civil supports.


Whom says "I Have An Idea" in this camp with TÜBİTAK Marmara Technopark support and have courage to deploy their ideas will be trained for using their entrepreneurial mane through supporting this ecosystem.



Our objective is to make young people have achievement motivation, self-esteem, relation, research motivation, to prove oneself, communication skills. What's more, another goal is to prepare those whom will be in this camp will be studied to inoculate their entrepreneurial culture and their increase self-confidence through become future's leaders and entrepreneurials.



  • Individual Leadership
  • Basic Contents of Entrepreneurship
  • Businness Idea Development
  • Deciding On a Businness Idea
  • Cost Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Practice
  • Elevator Offer
  • Work Plan Observation with Application
  • Preparing Work Plan
  • Project Management
  • Workshops
  • Team Performances


Target Group

Entrepreneurials whom say "I Have An Idea" and planning to make it real,

3rd or 4th Grade University Students, who has Bachelor's degree or higher,

Recourse Date Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Winners will be announced on Friday, January 31th, 2014